Monday, September 12, 2011

Harelip Sucker

The harelip sucker has not been seen anywhere in over 100 years but once was a species found in Ohio and was apparently abundant in some locations. It was similar in appearance to black or golden redhorse but no accurate coloration description of a live individual exists. They did differ by having a very small mouth with thin lips and on the lower jaw the lips were completely separated into two lobes.

There is very little known about this species that went extinct over 100 years ago. In Ohio there are three records of its capture. In April of 1878 one was captured in the Scioto River near Columbus, on August 8th 1893 "many" were collected in the Blanchard River near Ottawa, and lastly on August 9th 1893 one was captured in the Auglaize River near Cloverdale. A couple of these fish are still preserved as a record of a species that no longer exist. Little is known about the habitat preference of this species but an account of their capture mentions they were found in areas with a bedrock substrate. It is also thought they may have fed by sight and must have required extremely clear clean water.

Source: Wikipedia


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